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A cooked RED BARON® Classic Crust Pepperoni Pizza on a wooden pizza board

Crust perfection in every bite - Try all of our delicious varieties!

RED BARON® Classic Crust Pizza

RED BARON ® Classic Crust Pizza

There's a reason this crust is a classic – not too thick and not too thin, with just the right amount of crunch.

RED BARON® Brick Oven Pizza

RED BARON ® Brick Oven Pizza

Authentic RED BARON® Brick Oven Pizza has unique crispy, bubbly golden brown crust topped with premium cheeses, robust sauce and hearty toppings.

RED BARON® Thin & Crispy Pizza

RED BARON ® Thin & Crispy Pizza

Combine a thin crust with premium cheese and hearty toppings and you get pizza satisfaction every time.

RED BARON® Pizza Melt

RED BARON® Pizza Melt

Savor the bold pizza flavors you love sandwiched between two crispy pieces of toast. Crispy. Melty. Ready in minutes.

RED BARON® Deep Dish Pizza Singles

RED BARON ® Deep Dish Pizza Singles

Savor mouth-watering, perfectly portioned pizza made with real cheese, robust tomato sauce, and premium toppings on our classic crust.

RED BARON® French Bread Pizza Singles

RED BARON ® French Bread Pizza

Enjoy hearty French Bread on perfectly, crispy crust as an appetizer, snack or meal.

RED BARON® Deep Dish Minis Pizza Singles

RED BARON ® Deep Dish Minis

It's the full size pizza experience on a perfect, bite-sized crust.

RED BARON® Biscuit-Style Scrambles

RED BARON ® Scrambles

The perfect crust loaded with delicious toppings like sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs and biscuit gravy will leave you asking: "Why just for breakfast?"