Red Baron

Bringing Families
Together Since 1976

It's part of countless memories. It's survived questionable fads. After 40 years, Red Baron® Pizza remains the favorite for family pizza night.

Take a trip back to see just how much has changed.

Pizza Slice
Pizza Slice
Pizza Slice
Red Baron® Pizza Box
70s Family Photo


Everything was groovy.
And there was a new sensation
at the kitchen table.

Oven Mitt
70s Lamp
Pizza Slice

Back in Black

After a brief run in yellow, Red Baron® Pizza made the permanent change to a distinct black packaging.

Red Baron® Pizza Box

So Groovy

The 70s were the golden age of the album. Give some signature sounds a spin with our timeless 70s playlist.

Vinyl Record

Low-Tech Fun

The toys were very analog. But there was plenty of potential for expression.

View Finder
Pizza Slice
Pizza Slice

70s Wallpaper

Download the look of the 70s for your desktop.

Peace Button

Not-So-Smart Phone

Once upon a time, stretchability was a phone feature.

70s Telephone
70s Television
80s Family Photo


With a Red Baron® Pizza and the latest
blockbuster, hanging out with
family could actually be kinda rad.

The Debut

In 1978, the Red Baron made his debut on the package. He's been a recognizable part of the logo ever since.

Red Baron® Pizza Box
Pizza Slice

Cordless At Last

Finally, the conversation could be taken to another floor!

80s Telephone

Just Hit Record

Cassette tapes had everyone making custom mixes. Here's a family-friendly 80s mix made for pizza night.

Cassette Tape
Pizza Slice

The Box Office Comes Home

Whether renting or watching a home recording, VHS made 'movie and pizza night' a weekly family event.

VHS Tape

Very Puzzling

Kids spent a lot of time trying to figure this out. Thus parents loved it.

Rubix Cube
Pizza Slice
90s Family Photo


Slice in one hand.
Controller in the other.
This was the new family game night.

Pizza Slice
Board Game Piece

A Signature Trait

In the late 90s, Red Baron® Pizza became known for its Classic Crust pizza.

Red Baron® Pizza Box
Board Game Piece

Freedom To Roam

Mobile phones were pay-by-the-minute. They weren't pretty, but they were mobile.

90s Phone
Pizza Slice

Pump It Up

Hip-hop poured out of boomboxes along with pop and rock. Revisit family-friendly 90s hits of every genre here.

Compact Disc

Stack 'Em, Slam 'Em

Sometimes we played for keeps. But never for pizza.

90s Cup
Pizza Slice
90s TV
2000s Family Photo


Personal technology became part of our daily lives. This made a night to reconnect more important than ever.

Pizza Slice

Pizza With Pizzazz

In the mid-2000s, Red Baron® Pizza evolved its packaging again with a modernized design.

Red Baron® Pizza Box

Let's Get Digital

Mp3s made music even more shareable. To celebrate this, we share this playlist of family-friendly 2000s jams.

MP3 Player

The New Pizza Alert

Advanced phone technology brought the age of texting. Our thumbs would never be the same.

Flip Phone
Pizza Slice

Idol Obsessed

Singing competition shows were a sensation. Event viewing was the perfect excuse for pizza night.

Flatscreen TV

Everbody's A Star

When we weren't watching amateurs on TV, we were belting our hearts out ourselves.

Karaoke Stereo
Pizza Slice
2016 Family Photo


The pizza night tradition lives on—with the great tasting timeless pizza at the center of the table.

Wood Shelf Place Setting
Pizza Limeade Salad Place Setting